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Data Engineering

Process bottlenecks and tedious tasks in your company create inefficiencies and waste resources.

  • Automating these business processes and integrating datasets allows yourexecutive leaders to see a holistic view of your entire organization.

  • Our data engineer specialists make your raw data usable. From human resources(HR) to IT Administrative Reporting to student information systems (SIS) yourraw data will be transformed into usable information used to gain insights intoyour company needs.

  • We immerse ourselves in your projects, preserving your company culture andstrategic objectives while providing valuable business insights through data solutions.

  • We take the mundane and repetitive tasks that waste your companies time andresources and automate them, pulling the info into one place instead of havingto add data into a spreadsheet manually.

  • Instead of manually imputing a student‘s information into several placeacross your system, wasting time and risking errors, we create an automaticprocess that pulls the needed information and copies it into the right places.

Use our full scope of data engineering services to transform your data into useful information and improved knowledge to inform your companies business decisions.

Data Integration

Your company can utilize more efficient practices with our data integration services combined with modern data integration tools and skills.

  • We streamline data integrations for of your entire company including financial statement reporting (FSR), learning management systems (LMS), student and faculty training platforms, and many others.

  • We will simplify your steps and make your business processes quickly understood, providing a path to actionable information regarding your company. Data integration helps your company, your team, your people work better with each other and help you achieve your goals faster.

  • We take data from distinct data sources and multiple technologies to achieve a cohesive database providing critical information across all your systems.

  • Your team members will be able to access their processed data quickly and efficiently use that data in improved, intuitive ways.

Let our integration professionals upgrade your practices by synchronizing repetitive data and merging your data systems.

KPI Dashboarding

With our in-depth capability and innovative solutions, you will get insight and a holistic view of your companies data, offering a pathway to greater adaptability.

  • You will easily access your key performance indicators (KPIs) with visual feedback and easily understood information.

  • Our experts will compile your data and KPIs to evaluate success at reaching your company goals and demonstrate how effectively your school is achieving its key objectives--having understood plans allows each team within your organization to gauge their progress and provides awareness of their current standing within their goals.

  • Our individually designed dashboard focuses on your specific needs and strategic plans as a higher education company, making meeting your objectives and exceeding them easy.

  • We provide a centralized birds-eye view of your various data sources and compile them for efficient goal tracking and optimization. You can easily track spending reports and enrollment increases and decreases.

Get real-time data that simplifies processes, improves communication, and collects unique data to spot inefficiencies saving your company money and time and providing that needed competitive edge with our KPI dashboarding offers.

Business Process Automation

The need for automation technologies continues to grow. Higher Education faces this same necessity. At Full Stack Data Solutions, we offer tangible results and make businesses more responsive and flexible.

  • We work directly across all facets of your data pipeline to find ‘pain points’ to automate.

  • Increasing your automation will allow your organization to extract data at its source and then integrate it with other sources and apply it to your data analytics.

  • Automating your data pipelines will enable your company to meet your objectives.

  • Our architects will design a personalized end-to-end data flow that seamlessly integrates cloud-based ETL processes with existing data sources and services.

  • Our process automation will offer better data analytics and business insights with real-time decision-making.

Let us eliminate your hands-on steps and enable a smooth, automated flow of data from one stage to another for real-time analytics to help you make faster data-driven choices to improve your efficiency and increase your profits.

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